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ScaleUp Data Center
Berlin Spandau

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Technical specifications
Data Center Berlin Spandau

Power Supply

The entire power supply of the data center Berlin Spandau is designed as a dual power and emergency power supply with an uninterrupted A and B supply and with an additional redundant power supply for all critical technical building equipment such as air-conditioning, cooling, ventilation, and security systems. In addition, the data center Berlin Spandau has two feeds on the 10 kV level.

UPS and associated battery systems are designed redundantly for each A and B supply and can bridge the power supply for at least 15 minutes at 100% maximum load. The generators are controlled automatically, so that the generators start on their own if a power supply fails. The available fuel can power the entire electrical supply of the location for 72 hours without interruption.

  • Redundant 10 kV feed
  • Separate UPS systems (separate, fully redundant A and B supply)
  • Redundant power replacement systems with diesel generators
  • Power is derived from 100% renewable energy
  • Energy-efficient, redundant, recirculating cooling systems in climate zones
  • Redundant climate cabinets and cooling pumps
  • Chillers with integrated free cooling and parent group control
  • Redundant UPS-supported building control systems to monitor all technical equipment and systems
  • Air-conditioning systems with central ventilation and humidification & dehumidification
Fire Protection

For the interior of the colocation area of the data center Berlin Spandau, special, non – combustible or very flame-resistant materials were used exclusively. Individual data center areas are divided into separate fire protection zones. Extensive fire fighting and fire protection systems are installed in each zone.

  • Building fire sections of fire resistance class F 90 A
  • All technology and hardware rooms as F 90 A fire fighting sections
  • Lines protected with F 30/90 A fire wall
  • Comprehensive monitoring of all rooms and levels
  • Automatic digital fire alarms and systems
  • Early fire detection with VESDA systems
  • Automatic gas extinguishing system for flooding of the computer rooms

Physical, technical, and personnel safety is ensured by a 6-level security system that monitors everything from the data center grounds and the respective buildings, through to the colocation area and individual systems:

  • Data center is ISO 27001 certified
  • Video surveillance system for the grounds and buildings in combination with a hazard detection system
  • Secured property boundaries through security fencing with protection against climbing over or crawling under
  • Access through barrier system with security gates and drive-through locks
  • 24/7 emergency and operational control center on-site
  • Access control via contactless smart card and scramble keyboard
  • Close-circuit video surveillance of doors and access points with automatic intrusion alarm
  • Various sensors inside and outside the building for intrusion detection
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