ScaleUp’s History

It’s the year 1998. Two best friends and the common enthusiasm for computing and the Internet give them the initial idea to found a hosting business. With Gihan’s father becoming the main investor and CFO, they set up their first data center in the basement of his  parents‘ home, where they started running their first customers‘ websites.

ScaleUp Technologies was founded by Gihan Behrmann and Christoph Streit under the former brand name „internet4YOU“ almost 20 years ago. It started a business success story by offering safe hosting, in Germany, for national and international business, its specialization in innovative open source technologies as well as by its individual hosting solutions in a close, face to face cooperation with customers.
Today, ScaleUp is home to over 2,000 websites and apps, supporting more than 900 customer projects — from forming solution ideas over full-service-implementation, finally to operations management of complex, multi-site business hosting solutions. Since 2011, ScaleUp has been operating its own open source cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack to enable scalable cloud setups (Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud). In autumn 2017, the Open Cloud offering was extended to a sister cloud in Berlin.

Christoph Streit

Christoph Streit is CEO of ScaleUp and as a co-founder has shaped the company from the outset in various technical and commercial positions. He combines deep understanding of custom hosting solutions as well as latest cloud technologies and assures continuous advancement of the business and team members.

Gihan Behrmann
Managing Partner / Co-Founder

Gihan Behrmann is managing partner and co-founder of ScaleUp. He has been an Internet entrepreneur from the very beginning and an influencer of the hosting industry since 1998. Gihan served the company as ScaleUp CEO until 2017. Today his attention is focused on following emerging technologies and innovations to identify new business opportunities, shaping the long-term business development.

Frank Gemein
Head of Operations / COO

Frank Gemein is Chief Operations Officer of ScaleUp. Together with his team, he is responsible for the smooth operation of our four data centers in Germany. Frank has in-depth knowledge of Linux and Cloud technologies in business use and is one of the OpenStack cloud hosting pioneers in Germany.

Ralf Wieland
Head of Finance / CFO

Ralf Wieland is Chief Financial Officer of ScaleUp. He is responsible for controlling and contract management. Ralf is a trained tax consultant and has many years of professional experience in auditing and tax consulting companies as well as in the accounting of international companies.

Julia Streit CMO ScaleUp Technolgies
Julia Streit
Head of Marketing / CMO

Julia Streit is Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of ScaleUp. Julia takes care of ScaleUp’s outward communication strategy and its implementation (website, blog, content, SEA, SEO, event organisation).