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Customer support +49 (40) 59380 500
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OCP Experience Center Berlin-Mahlsdorf


ScaleUp OCP Experience Center


Experience the future of OCP hardware at ScaleUp's OCP Experience Center in Berlin, Germany.

In the OCP Experience Centers, potential customers have the opportunity to see OCP devices in operation and ask questions. Exhibitors, on the other hand, can generate new sales channels and introduce system integrators and new Open Compute product concepts. Come by!

ScaleUp OCP Experience Center Berlin
Mitac Server OCP Experience Center Berlin
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The highlights

at the OCP Experience Center

Step into a true data center environment designed specifically for rigorous hardware and application testing and seamless proof-of-concept (POC) deployments.

Trendsetting technologies

The OCP Experience Center presents the latest technologies and developments in Open Compute hardware and storage solutions.

Live demonstrations & POC tests

Visitors can experience and test the latest Open Compute hardware products and storage solutions in active operation (rigorous hardware and application testing & proof-of-concept (POC) executions).

Lectures & Workshops

The center regularly hosts lectures and workshops by Experts on topics such as efficiency, sustainability and innovation in the technology sector.

Networking platform

The Experience Center provides a platform for knowledge sharing and networking between leading technology providers, open tech enthusiasts and scientists to drive transparent standards and data center efficiency.

Hardware Partner

OCP Advantages

Basically, an OCP server resembles a standard 19" server, since the same components such as CPU, memory, network cards, etc. are installed. However, they are placed more compactly, have more efficient cooling and a central power supply. The larger fans run slower and therefore more economically. The cooling air is better distributed and directed to the CPU due to the smaller case. This enables power savings of up to 20 percent. OCP servers can also be installed in a standard 19-inch rack completely without tools and with mounting kits. 


Would you like to visit the Experience Center Berlin?

If you would like to learn more about OCP or take a tour of the Experience Center Berlin, please feel free to contact us. 

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