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The entire power supply of the Hamburg Hammerbrook data center is designed as a dual power and emergency power supply with an uninterruptible A and B supply and with an additional redundant supply for all critical technical building systems such as air conditioning, cooling, ventilation and security systems. In addition, the Hamburg Hammerbrook data center has two feeds at the 10 kV level.

UPS systems and associated battery systems are redundant for each A and B supply and are capable of bridging the power supply at 100% maximum load for a minimum of 15 minutes on either A or B supply. The generators are auto-controlled to start automatically in the event of a loss of power from one source. The fuel held in reserve is sufficient to provide uninterrupted power to the entire site for 24 hours.


Fire Pro

Only special, non-flammable or flame-retardant materials have been used for the interiors of the colocation areas in the Hamburg Hammerbrook data center. Comprehensive fire-fighting and fire-protection systems are installed within the data center.


Physical, technical and personnel security at the Hammerbrook data center in Hamburg is ensured by a multi-level security system that starts with the monitoring of the site and interior building and ends with the control of the colocation space and the individual systems:

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