Managed Kubernetes

High Availability Managed Kubernetes /
Docker Cluster

Accelerated development with Kubernetes

Moin! We are ScaleUp from Hamburg, Germany. We accelerate and simplify your development projects with Kubernetes and can actively assist you in migrating current and new workloads to Docker and Kubernetes.

Why talk to us?

Very early on we specialized in cloud and open source technologies like OpenStack and Kubernetes. With us at your side you can count on the latest, open and thus favorable technology standards and benefit in the long term from a composable, vendor lock-in free infrastructure and our many years of experience in the operation of Kubernetes clusters.

Secure, reliable and fast.

We will take care of the server infrastructure so that you will have your hands free to take care of your applications and other workloads. Individual requirements are always taken into consideration by us.

Managed Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes

  • Container as a Service / PaaS
  • OpenSource based / OpenStack
  • 3 cloud datacenters in Hamburg / Berlin / Duesseldorf
  • Highest quality and safety standards (ISO-27001, Tier3)
  • 100% Green Electricity

High Availability

  • fail-safe Control Plane
  • regular Backups
  • Disaster Recovery
  • SLAs for up to 99.96% Availability


  • all Clusters are monitored 24/7
  • Control Plane (Master, Etcd)
  • Root Access
  • Remote console for flexible management


  • certified Kubernetes Versionen/ no Vendor Lock-in
  • always up to date security patches and features
  • cluster updates on a regular 30 days basis


  • personal Web-Dashboard
  • creating and editing clusters
  • simple projekt- and user handling
  • Add-ons


  • 24/7 personal available
  • phone / ticket system / on-site
  • workshops
  • tutorials

Private Cluster

  • firewalls, role based access control, network policies
  • whitelisted SSH – tunnel
  • encrypted communication between K8s components

Distributed Server Operation

  • distributed Kubernetes in multiple regions in Germany
  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Duesseldorf (shortly requestable)

Provider Open

  • supports other Public Cloud Provider / no Vendor Lock-in
  • or on-premise solutions / bare metal

Other Services


Hands On Kubernetes for Beginners & Advanced 1-3 day courses. On request.


Faster & optimized App-development: We offer Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines as well as DevOps Support.

K8s Migration

We help you migrate legacy applikations and workloads to Docker containers.

Questions about Managed Kubernetes? Ask us!

We look forward to answer all your questions. On request, we can assist you by composing your Kubernetes Cluster and make you an individual offer.


Start small and scale as needed.

The here seen prices are only an example. By principal we support Kubernetes Cluster projects by all sizes and form of configuration. Please contact our CEO Christoph via for an individual offer.




HA Control Plane

HA Ingress Gateway

HA Control Plane

HA Ingress Gateway

HA Control Plane

HA Ingress Gateway

1 kubernetes cluster

max. 8 vCPUs

max. 16 GB RAM

500 GB Ceph block storage

1 kubernetes cluster

max. 16 vCPUs

max. 32 GB RAM

1000 GB Ceph block storage

+ object storage

any number of cluster

max. 64 vCPUs

max. 192 GB RAM

3000 GB Ceph block storage

+ object storage

ticket & e-mail support Ticket & e-mail support

+ telephone support

24/7 Ticket & e-mail support

telephone support


Ceph block storage (0,10 €/GB)
object storage (0,08 €/GB)

Network /data transfer

inbound (free)
outbound (0,08 €/GB)

199 € /month
349 € /month
On Request

Cluster Details

Standard Configuration of Kubernetes Clusters

You will get a fully managed Kubernetes Cluster with admin access which allows for configuration at any time, i.e. Add-ons or change of ressource packages.

100% Kubernetes Standard Features

  • High Available Control Plane (3x master / etcd nodes)
  • multiple worker nodes
  • End-to-end encryption between Kubernetes Components
  • Calico or Weave Networking (enables Network Policies)
  • Persistent volumes (HDDs, SSDs)

Installed Add-ons

Exceptional Security Advantages

Secure Cluster Operation

Our clusters are operated with a fail-safe control plane consisting of 3 master and etcd nodes, as well as several worker nodes. In the event of a node failure or scheduled downtime (i.e. during an upgrade), its cluster will remain fully functional. All clusters are maintained and monitored by us in our own state-of-the-art data centers in Germany.

Redundant Data Storage

Application’s data and databases are securely stored in our fast and multi-redundant storage solution based on Ceph.

  • Automatic Volume Provisioning via K8s
  • At least 3-ways redundant storage
  • Fast HDDs and SSDs
Highest Data Security

Our cloud data centers are ISO 27001 standard certified and comply with Tier-3 standards. Due to hosting entirely in Germany the adherence to the strict European data protection guidelines is ensured. Furthermore, the power supply is 100 percent renewable energy (green power supply).

Do you have questions or do you need further advice?
We are happy to show you our managed kubernetes solution in a short live demo and take time to answer your questions.
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