Customer support +49 (40) 59380 500
Mon - Fri 9:00 - 17:00
Customer support +49 (40) 59380 500
Mon - Fri 9:00 - 17:00


Who are our customers?

For 25 years, we have been supporting our customers in the operation of their business-critical IT systems, including many German medium-sized companies and well-known system houses. This is a small selection of interesting projects and case studies.


If you, as an IT system house or agency, are also interested in working with us, you can find more information here about our Partners and to our partner program.

Case Studies

Building the BI department in the Open Cloud

Successful setup of a vServer infrastructure for business intelligence


Core banking systems in the SaaS model

Innovative cloud banking is reforming the banking system.


Data center cooperation - SENTINEL Systemlösungen GmbH

Successful symbiosis of data center and system house


Successful transformation from on-premise solution to SaaS model

From on-premise to cloud service


Customer testimonials

"Many thanks for the fast and uncomplicated implementation of the commissioning of our new rack. Very competent contact persons and an excellent handling speed make the work easier for everyone. It is fun to know a knowledgeable contact person on your side. Keep it up."
"A very friendly and competent team. Any requests are handled very promptly. Always happy to do business with us again!"
"Good account manager, quick accessibility, fast and solution oriented customer service."

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