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Managed Public & Private Cloud

ScaleUp Cloud offers all major OpenStack IaaS products in a high-availability managed cloud environment. ScaleUp Cloud securely runs at the highest compliance level in ISO 27001 standard certified German data centers.

Our Managed Cloud was build for flexibility, uptime and scalability. Whether you need five or five hundred of virtual machines, or whether you plan your IT infrastructure to run in a Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud environment, i.e. combined with dedicated hardware, with an Open Cloud you absolutely can. As an entirely open technology product ScaleUp Public Cloud gives you full OpenStack API-access, so that you can integrate current workloads and processes. During the entire implementation process we will advice you and offer support, ensuring a fast and smooth transition towards production level of your Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) project. ScaleUp Cloud uses latest, highly redundant cloud technology based on OpenStack and Dell Enterprise hardware, operated and maintained to 100 percent in our German data centers.

Very satisfied. If problems occured on my side, direct help was quickly provided. The support works smoothly by e-mail and by phone as well.

(Manfred L., PressefotoLAUX)

Managed Cloud Services

Managed IaaS, operated in data centers in Germany.

Hosted customized Private Cloud in our data centers in Germany.

For your Cloud transition projects (Edge Cloud Computing, Big Data…)

What are the benefits of ScaleUp Managed Cloud?

Hybrid operations

  • Extendible without limitation (for Hybrid & Multi Cloud operations) and therefore future-proof
  • Hybrid operations in combination with dedicated legacy applications
  • Scale-out for customer owned systems

OpenStack consulting

  • Running OpenStack since 2011
  • One-stop consulting and realization
  • Fast realization
  • Individual support

Open Source

  • No vendor lock-in: Freedom to choose and switch your cloud provider
  • Affordable prices as there are no additional licence costs
  • 50% of US Fortune Top 100 use OpenStack

Agile infrastructure

  • Flexible management / scalability
  • Remote console for easy administration
  • Free choice of operating system
  • Use your own boot images

Data protection

  • 100% hosting in Germany
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Full control over mission-critical data

Fail-safe hardware

  • Multiple redundant protection
  • Up to 99.96% guaranteed availability
  • 24/7/365 monitoring/support

  Public Cloud

You receive your own virtual data center environment with your own IP network area, access to OpenStack Horizon Dashboard and with complete API authorization. You may provision any virtual machines (VM) and extend them with block based / object based storage (Ceph, Swift), load balancing, etc.

  • Available in minutes
  • Flexible management / highly scalable
  • Infrastructure as a service, eliminating requirement for IT capital investment and setup cost
  • Extendable Composable Infrastructure for your Hybrid Cloud or Multi Cloud operations model
  • 99.9% availability
  • 100% hosted in Germany
For whom?
  • Fluctuating infrastructure requirements
  • IT as a service favored
  • Demand includes multiple servers
Service Level
  • Managed Cloud: Operated by ScaleUp in our data centers
  • Redundant, secured, shared infrastructure with guaranteed CPU, RAM and networking power
  • Self-service access and API authorization
  • 24/7 individual support
  • Cloud Connect (for Hybrid Cloud)
  • To-the-minute billing; monthly terminable
  • VDC small: 8 vCPUs, 16 GB Ram, 500 GB Storage
    from 149€ monthly
  • VDC medium: 16 vCPUs, 32 GB Ram, 1 TB Storage
    from 299€ monthly
  • Hourly billing and „Pay-as-you-go“ also available

  Managed Private Cloud

Setup of a Private Cloud requires extensive financial and time investments, in addition to deep technical knowledge in that specific area. With a Managed Cloud (or Hosted Private Cloud), ScaleUp takes care of planning, building and ongoing operations management of a cloud environment on your behalf.

  • Dedicated Cloud infrastructure operation
  • Cost efficient setup of an customized Managed Private Cloud
  • Guaranteed data sovereignty
  • Up to 99.97% availability
  • Hosted 100% in Germany
For whom?
  • Highest security and compliance requirements
  • For the operations of highly performant applications
  • When physical data sovereignty is mandatory
Service Level
  • Own server infrastructure within our data centers
  • Operations management by ScaleUp (Managed Private Cloud)
  • Self-service access and API authorization
  • 24/7 individual support
  • Cloud Connect (for Hybrid Cloud)
  • Flexible monthly billing
  • Your own Private Cloud with 3 nodes hosted by ScaleUp starting from 1,499€ monthly

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Why OpenStack?

OpenStack is a dynamically built and highly adaptable cloud management framework. You can orchestrate virtual machines (VM), containers (e.g. Docker), Bare-metal servers as well as dedicated IT infrastructure within a single network. The OpenStack platform’s open source code assures wide transparency and flexibility, in means of integration, being independent of single vendors and suppliers. There is no reason to fear vendor lock-in or expensive license fees for using the software.

Furthermore, OpenStack is the world’s favored free Cloud Management Platform and the leading open source project for Cloud Computing. OpenStack has been established in 2010 as a joint open source project by NASA and Rackspace. Today, more than 50 Percent of the Fortune Top 100 trust and rely on OpenStack based technology. Over 81,000 members and more than 670 supporting enterprises work within the OpenStack community.

OpenStack Cloud Operating System

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