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Press Release - ScaleUp launches OpenStack-based hosting platform in Germany

Hamburg, November 4, 2015

Following the successful completion of a twelve-month development and deployment phase, ScaleUp is launching production operations of its OpenStack-based hosting platform ( The platform, which uses only open source code based on the free cloud computing framework, can be used to operate individual servers and complex infrastructures virtually. With four data centers in Germany, ScaleUp offers its customers comprehensive data protection that hosting providers located outside the European Union (EU) cannot provide.

Numerous attractive features with OpenStack Dashboard

ScaleUp's OpenStack-based hosting platform provides cloud servers that can be up and running in minutes after a short registration. Using the web-based OpenStack dashboard, even complex infrastructures consisting of several interconnected servers (e.g. web servers, database servers and load balancers) can be configured as desired and mapped in a fully virtualized manner. Setups that have been created once can be duplicated. They can thus be used as a development or test environment in which new applications or features can be tested under real conditions before being released for live operation. Setups can also be stored as templates and reactivated at any time as needed. In this way, the deployment time for repeatedly required applications can be reduced to a minimum through complete automation.

No vendor lock-in thanks to unmodified OpenStack code

ScaleUp's hosting platform is based on unmodified OpenStack code that is fully compatible with the open source standard. This gives ScaleUp customers the freedom to use virtual infrastructures, once created, also in hybrid operating models or even in multi-vendor cloud strategies if this results in technical or cost advantages. ScaleUp is deliberately taking a different approach than many other hosting providers who make changes to OpenStack, limiting interoperability and making it difficult for customers to switch to other providers.

Christoph Streit, ScaleUp's Technology Evangelist, points out that this practice contradicts community standards.

"At ScaleUp, we are staunch supporters of open source and consistently pursue the strategy of making the globally established OpenStack technology available to our customers without vendor lock-in. This results in numerous advantages for ScaleUp customers. Features developed by the global community can be tested and made available for use by ScaleUp to customers more quickly than would be possible with a provider-specific customized OpenStack environment. Customers often get a business-critical head start as a result."

Companies that want to migrate servers hosted with other providers are advised and accompanied individually by ScaleUp with its team of experienced hosting experts.

Secure hosting in German data centers

In its ruling of October 6, 2015, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) declared the European Commission's Safe Harbor decision from 2000 invalid. In it, the EU Commission had permitted the transfer of personal data to companies in the U.S. if they met a number of minimum data protection standards, even though data protection in the U.S. does not in principle offer a level of protection comparable to EU law. The consequences of the European judges' ruling are far-reaching, because in the future, national supervisory authorities will be able to suspend data transfers to companies in the U.S. at any time as soon as they deem the protection of personal data at them to be inadequate. For European companies that use managed hosting solutions, the ECJ's decision means that only providers with company headquarters and data centers in the European Union can guarantee them full data protection and free transfer of all data at all times. As a German provider with four data centers in Germany, ScaleUp offers its European customers a secure hosting platform.

Prices and availability

ScaleUp's OpenStack-based cloud offerings are available now. Prices start at 19 euros per month for the Cloud Server S variant.

ScaleUp also offers direct access to the OpenStack Dashboard for customers who want to provision any cloud server instances themselves and network them individually. Billing is usage-based, starting at 3 cents per hour.

More prices under All prices are exclusive of VAT.



About ScaleUp

ScaleUp designs, hosts and manages server infrastructures for business-critical applications and data. The focus is on the design of individual, scalable server solutions and their distributed operation in four data centers in Germany. ScaleUp's managed hosting solutions combine dedicated servers and cloud servers in a performance- and cost-optimized manner. Complementary managed services relieve customers of everyday system administration tasks. All ScaleUp data centers offer highest server availability, short response times for websites and online stores and maximum data security. The protection of customer data is a top priority in the development of any server infrastructure - because at ScaleUp, the customer alone determines the extent to which system monitoring and administration is transferred to ScaleUp's hosting experts. All data and applications always remain under the full control of the customer.


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