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EuroCloud Germany Conference 2016

This year's EuroCloud Germany Conference (ECDC 2016) is themed "Cloud Strategies and Digitalization". In the four theme categories "Digitization", "Cloud Transformation", "Innovation & Value Creation", "Open Cloud" and "Trust, Compliance & Security", innovative projects, initiatives and ideas will be presented that support companies in coping with the new requirements. ScaleUp Technologies will present at the 6th EuroCloud Deutschland Conference 2016 on the topic "Open Source Cloud" recite.

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ECDC 2016 - We are there!

On June 1, 2016, the EuroCloud Germany Conference will appropriately take place again in Wolkenburg, Cologne.
The keynote will be given by Mr. Karl-Heinz Land on the topic of "Digital Darwinism". The numerous technical presentations will be oriented around the focal points.

  • Digitization:
    The world of work is increasingly changing through the use of cloud-based services, enabling new business models and optimization. Who are the champions and what do we learn from this?
  • Cloud Transformation:
    Who provides the orientation knowledge for digital transformation with the inclusion of cloud services in an overall strategy?
  • Innovation & Value Creation:
    What are the innovative and value-adding potentials of cloud solutions? How can these potentials be exploited?
  • Open Cloud:
    What is the "Open Cloud" and what is its significance for companies and the further development of cloud technologies?
  • Trust, Compliance & Security:
    Data protection, service guarantees, proof of quality, contracts - what challenges are there beyond functionality and how can they be dealt with objectively?

"Open Cloud is 1st choice"

In the subject area "Open Cloud" of the EuroCloud Conference (room Amadeus) speaks Christoph Streit, ScaleUp Technologies, on the importance of open source cloud solutions and will use three key criteria (freedom, openness and efficiency) to show why an open source-based cloud is preferable to a proprietary solution in every case.

Other interesting items in the program are the presentation of the new "Trusted Cloud Portals"(Trusted Cloud Competence Network) and the presentation of the EuroCloud Deutschland Award 2016 in the evening.

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You would also like to participate in the EuroCloud Germany Conference 2016?

We would be delighted to meet you there in person. Due to our speaker status, we have access to a small contingent of free tickets for the conference. If you are interested in a free conference ticket, please contact us via the following form.

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