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Results of the ScaleUp Customer Survey 2022

ScaleUp Customer Survey 2022

ScaleUp achieved 100% customer satisfaction in a recent customer survey in November 2022.

In November, we conducted a new customer survey. Among other things, the survey asked about customer satisfaction as well as feedback and potential for improvement. We were particularly interested - and therefore newly added - in the topics of rising energy costs, refurbished (Second Life) hardware and climate-neutral hosting. We sent out the survey to all customers as part of the November newsletter. The open rate was around 30 percent. The participation of those who opened the newsletter or reminder was 21 percent, so we can already talk about a meaningful participation.

But what did the customers say? To start with, the results were very positive across the board. The satisfaction rate was 100%. 80 percent of participants even said they were very satisfied.

A very similar result also emerged from the question about the customers' willingness to recommend ScaleUp to others. Here, all participants stated that they would be very happy or very likely to recommend ScaleUp.

The next question was about the impact of increased energy costs on the IT investments made in the current year. Energy costs have increased significantly in the past year and ScaleUp has already had to adjust its prices once for this reason. The majority, over 60 percent, said that increased energy costs have already had an impact on their investment decisions or are very likely to have an impact in the future. Only 11 percent said that they had not yet had any influence. Let's hope that the situation on the electricity market eases this year and does not get any worse.

Refurbished hardware and climate-neutral hosting

When we asked about the use of refurbished hardware, 62 percent said they were not yet using any Second Life hardware in their own company. However, around a quarter are already using refurbished hardware productively.

The numbers are turning when it comes to CO2 offsets for climate-neutral hosting. We wanted to know from our customers whether they would accept a 3-4 percent "climate surcharge" for climate-neutral hosting. The majority of hosting, colocation and managed cloud customers surveyed would accept a slightly higher price to offset their emissions. In contrast, 31 percent said they would (rather) not. Background: For the first time, ScaleUp has drawn up a carbon footprint for 2021 that also includes Scope 3 emissions, such as upstream emissions for the IT and network hardware used, as well as the CO2e supply chain for green electricity. The aim is to use the carbon footprint to calculate a climate surcharge so that customers who want it can be offered climate-neutral hosting.

Very much praise

We were very pleased with the many, consistently positive feedbacks and the praise that customers have once again expressed to us.

"A big praise to the technical support especially Mr. Siegling. Always fast and competent, many thanks for the good support."

Susanne E.

"Besides the very good infrastructure, the communication with the colleagues on site is always great :)"

Benjamin F.

"Been very satisfied for more than 20 years!!!"

Jürgen H.


We are pleased with the consistently very good results of the customer survey and the insights gained from it. Apart from a few minor criticisms and comments, the feedback was very positive throughout. In addition, there was a lot of motivating praise ("The Internet is only beautiful with ScaleUp" - sounds strange, but it's true). We also accepted the criticism to improve communication and discussed it in the last team meeting.


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